What to pack in your raceday handbag

So you’ve spent hours, weeks, or in some cases, months, meticulously planning your raceday outfit with the perfect matching handbag, but have you thought of what you’ll need inside that handbag?

A little planning can not only keep your face flawless throughout the day, but also ensure you are well and truly prepared for any wardrobe malfunctions.

Blotting papers

Of course you want to shine on raceday, but not in your T-zone. Smaller and lighter than a powder compact, blotting powders fit nicely in your bag and absorb shine to leave your skin looking flawless all day - and night.

Sunblock A must in the summer season of racing as you don’t want to damage your skin or look bright red after a few hours.

But of course nobody wants to reapply sunblock and ruin their perfect makeup either!

That’s why we LOVE Coola SPF30 Makeup Setting Spray on racedays. Simply mist it over your makeup for a refreshing blend of skin soothing ingredients as well as sun protection that won’t ruin your makeup.

Emergency kit The last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction, blisters, or windy day to ruin your look and mood.

Better to be safe than sorry and pack a few plasters, safety pins, bobby pins, spare hair tie, needle and thread and even a couple of pain killers.

If you’re wearing false lashes, bring lash glue too, just in case one starts peeling off.

And, while we always advise wearing comfortable shoes, if yours are high, or new, packing a pair of Party Feet can be worthwhile too.

Lipstick You’ll want to touch up after eating and drinking - especially if you’re entering our fashion competitions.

Always pack your lipstick, or consider a multi-tasking makeup solution such as Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks, that does double duty as blush and lipstick.


Squinting in the glare of the sun isn’t pretty, but a stylish pair of sunglasses (that match your outfit of course) can actually bring your look together beautifully, so it makes sense to factor them into your wardrobe plan.

Check out Specsavers' range of sunglasses here.

Mini atomiser

If you can get your hands on a small atomiser to decant your favourite scent into, it’s worth bringing it in your bag.

While not essential, it’s always nice to freshen up over a long day, especially if your perfume is an eau de toilette and will only last around three hours.

Sephora NZ has a Pocket Atomizer (5ml) that is the ideal travel size to keep you sweet scented wherever you go.

And there you have it! All that's needed in your handbag (aside from things like your keys, phone and cash!) to ensure a fun and happy day out at the races.


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