Watch out for fake pages, ticket sellers and events

It seems like last year's online 'scamming' technique that's targeted a range of businesses who host events on Facebook is back this season.

We're among the many businesses who have been targeted both domestically and internationally.

Our 'front of house'

The scammers basically recreate either another business's Facebook page OR Facebook event and target fans to 'like' the page or 'attend' the event.

They then proceed to either post bogus "watch live event" links on the pages which link you to scam websites; make posts online selling "unwanted" (actually fake) tickets OR sell "official" (but also fake) tickets either through the fake event page or a replica website.

The fake Facebook pages, events and even their ticketing websites look authentic. You can only spot the difference on the websites by looking at the web addresses which won't be correct.

The fake posts selling tickets look authentic - they will offer to show you proof of purchase and offer for you to 'check out [their] profile'.

Their fake profiles look legit - these guys are professionals and work hard to fool people. Unfortunately, it works a lot of the time.

Our Facebook events also get bombarded by fake profile's comments amount selling tickets, which we try our hardest to delete, but when we say bombarded we mean it.

We also can't stop their new tactic of direct messaging people about 'tickets' they have for sale.

Our hospotality precincts have legitimately been selling out REALLY FAST this season and so our best suggestion to you is to get in early for all our events.

If you do find yourself scammed, we suggest you hit up Netsafe.

We are among the many businesses who have tried to contact Facebook about this issue but to date, they have been unable to help as they believe they are "real" events.

To help keep you safe, below is a list of our official websites, Facebook pages and Facebook events, plus a few other tips:


Official website: This one!

Official online ticket purchasing: The only place you can purchase our raceday tickets from online is through OUR website and our official ticketing provider (which you can link to from this website), Flicket.

We do not sell tickets through Facebook or any other platform or provider and our terms and conditions do not permit the on-selling of tickets - so we HIGHLY recommend you DO NOT BUY EVENT TICKETS FROM THIRD PARTIES.

When you click 'buy now' on any ticket option on our website, it will link through to our ticketing provider's website.

The first few lines of their website URL (address) should look like:


If you are in doubt when purchasing online, always feel free to call us on 09 524 4069 or email .

Official Facebook page:

Only trust the posts we, "Ellerslie" (@Ellerslieraces), make. EVERY DAY we are inundated with scammers making comments on our posts trying to sell tickets. They use other people's photos to create fake profiles that look 'real'.

Official Facebook event pages:

New Zealand Bloodstock Karaka Million

Vodafone Derby Day

Barfoot & Thompson Auckland Cup Day

Only trust the posts we, "Ellerslie" (@Ellerslieraces), make and NEVER buy tickets off someone you don't know.

Official instagram account:

Only trust the posts we, @ellerslieraces, make


Official website: