Want to look picture perfect for your Adashiko Fashion Qualifiers entry? Stick with us…

We chatted to the team at Adashiko to see which products they’d recommend to ensure you’re looking your best come photoshoot day for their upcoming Adashiko Fashion Qualifiers competition.

But don't delay - entries close on 31 March - and it's your last chance gain entry into The Ned Prix de Fashion for 2022.


1. Collagen Powder

With a strong "wellness from the inside out" mentality, the best place to start for a glowing look is with one of Adashiko’s three collagen products.

Adashiko says their collagen products are a highly effective way of achieving full-body wellness and strength, beautiful glowing skin and stronger nails and hair plus you’ll also gain increased joint mobility – how good?

The lovely Carena West is collagen convert already - and one of the judges on the Adashiko Fashion Qualifiers panel.

2. Collagen + Noni Gel

This little gem is a five-in-one anti-ageing formula that exfoliates, tones, hydrates, repairs, and regenerates – phew, say that five times fast!

It will soothe, hydrate and renew your skin whilst reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation. And for those girls (or guys!) out there who suffer from poorly timed breakouts or acne, this product helps to prevent those inopportune spots and calms irritated skin.

It’s also the perfect base for makeup so you can achieve that flawless look you’re seeking for the competition.

Laura Campell, last year's The Ned Prix de Fashion winner, knows the importance of finishing touches

3. Collagen Balm

This super balm is not just for the lips but it sees to burns, scars, cuticles, dry patches, wind burn and parched skin. It’s a favourite of well known milliner (and all around style crush) Claire Hahn, you know it’s good.

Claire said “I won’t go anywhere without my Collagen Balm! I keep it in my handbag as it’s perfect for skin dryness, sore lips, accidentally sunburnt noses and itchy bites.”

Claire oncourse at Ellerslie with one of the judges of the Adashiko Fashion Qualifiers, Lulu Wilcox

Make sure you have a jar of this in your ‘on location’ makeup bag and you’ll be set no matter what eventuates.

4. Collagen Cleanse

Once you’ve nailed your submission and are back inside enjoying a well earned glass of The Ned (because it’s just not racing fashion without a glass of wine!), we recommend reaching for the Adashiko Collagen Cleanse.

Photo shoot + bubbles = winning

Its lightweight cleansing foam removes makeup in a sinch and it’s been specially formulated with hydrating anti-ageing ingredients – next time we FINALLY make it back on track, you won’t have aged a day!


Thank you to the team at Adashiko for their help with this blog post and their support of the Fashion Qualifiers. And all we can say is, the four women who take home the $1000+ prize pack from Adashiko are in for a real treat!

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To find out more about how you can be in the running for the Adashiko Fashion Qualifiers, click here.