VOTE | Help us make racing the people's choice winner

Join us in showing the world just how great the racing industry is by casting a vote for Auckland Racing Club in the People's Choice category at the Westpac Business Awards 2021.

Dear racing friends & family,

We need your help.

We recently entered the Westpac Business Awards for 2021 and, as a result, are up for the People's Choice Award.

This comes after our team taking out the Excellence in Marketing Award at November's Westpac Auckland Central Business Awards and going on to win the Best of the Best Excellence in Marketing Award.

While it's Auckland Racing Club that's been nominated, we believe that a win for Auckland Racing Club is a win for this great little industry that makes our hearts swell with pride, pound with excitement and stay filled with love.

Voting is QUICK and EASY - all you have to do is visit this page and click the little heart on the top right-hand side. It should say "Voted+1" if you've done it right.

To win, we just need to have the most votes. So to really make our day, please share this online, hustle your friends and get the word out there!

We can't thank you enough for the support,

The team at Auckland Racing Club


Final notes

  • While you get up to three votes, it looks like you can only vote for the same organisation once. So it's your choice whether you just cast one vote for us and no one else, or pick another business or two that you'd like to support as well

  • Just make sure you only click that heart once - clicking twice will remove your vote.