Hannah Marinkovich's top 5 tips for nailing raceday fashion

As one of our ambassadors, the winner of the national fashions in the field field competition - Prix de Fashion - in 2017, and a pro beauty blogger, you could say that Hannah Marinkovich knows a thing or two about nailing raceday looks.

With our spring racing calendar gearing up, we sat down with our lovely lady to glean a few words of wisdom…

Spring racing fashion trends at Ellerslie
Hannah Marinkovich waves to the crowd from the judges' desk at The Ned Prix de Fashion 2019

Image credit: StreetSmith

#1 Preparation is key

The wonderful thing about raceday dressing is that it provides a totally different way in which to play dress ups.

But that coordinated head-to-toe look you see people pull off so well takes some planning! Leaving your raceday wardrobe to the last minute is a sure-fire way to end up in a panic and see you turn up trackside in mismatched attire.

Hannah advises planning well ahead.

“Give yourself a few weeks to prep your outfit. The best – and easiest – way to start is with a piece of clothing you absolutely love, or an amazing accessory and building the rest of the outfit from there,” she says.

“A big part of looking good is feeling good and for me, being prepared gives me more confidence in what I’m wearing.”

#2 Draw inspiration from trends

Some racedays have a dress code, (for example, Vodafone Derby Day (29 Feb 2020) is black and white themed) so do your research first, especially if you’re going to enter any fashion competitions.

Hannah suggests looking to some of the current spring trends for inspiration.

“Celebrate OMF Melbourne Cup Day with bright, bold colours like red, yellow, green, pink, or purple.

"I’m currently loving pink and also metallics. Florals are also here to stay and are always a lovely feminine option.”

Other trends to watch for?

"Voluminous billowy sleeves (which look both classic and modern), scarves as headwear and asymmetric hemlines."

#3 Stay true to you

Now that we’ve discussed trends, it’s important to add that you don’t have to follow them slavishly.

Hannah agrees, “Don’t wear something just because it’s in fashion, especially if it makes you uncomfortable or just doesn’t feel ‘like you’.”

She suggests using existing pieces from your wardrobe that you already love and dress them up to give them a raceday twist.

“Don’t concentrate on what others are wearing, have fun and embrace your personal style!”

Image credit: StreetSmith

#4 Headwear is a must

Raceday tradition says that hats should always be worn, however the rules have loosened up a bit over time. That said, you should always wear some sort of headpiece or hair accessory.

“If you aren’t a fan of big headwear, you don’t have to wear a hat,” says Hannah.

“There are so many on-trend ways to incorporate this element into your outfit. Think elaborate headbands and hair slides, or consider scarves or bows, both of which are trending and look fresh and modern.”

Image credit: Vogue Australia

#5 Tie it all together with hair and makeup

Always finish off your raceday look with perfect makeup, styled hair and manicured nails in a colour that complements your outfit.

If you’re wearing bold colours, consider doing the same with your lips or even eyes.

“There are endless ways to have fun with your hair, and colour is in with makeup at the moment so don’t be scared to add a touch of it to match your outfit,” enthuses Hannah.

The trick to keeping it classy? "Showcase one feature – either your lips or eyes, but never both."

Lastly, remember racewear is most definitely day wear, so leave anything more appropriate for a night club at home. Make sure your hemline doesn’t head too far above your knee and avoid strapless styles, sequins or glitter to make sure your outfit is both fashionable and raceday appropriate.

If you're planning on joining us trackside, learn more about our raceday dress code, find out when we hold our fashion competitions and get inspired on how to dress for the races by checking out our previous fashion competition winners.