Tess Woolcock | Meet The Ned Prix de Fashion Qualifiers

Tess was one of our final qualifiers for The Ned Prix de Fashion, gaining her qualification earlier this year in the SkyCity Fashions in the Field | The Online Edition. As someone new to the racewear scene, we learn more about Tess below:

Tess was selected as one of the finalists in the Style Spotter at the NZB Karaka Million last season

How long have you been entering fashions in the field competitions?

I am quite new to this, only ever entering this year and last year. I am a fashion lover, more generally speaking and am now also a fashion content creator - so racing fashion is just an extension of that. I love a reason to put an outfit together and here in NZ we haven't had much opportunity for that of late!

What do you enjoy most about fashions in the field competitions?

I just love a brief and styling an outfit. It's what gives me so much joy in life. I love being creative, sourcing pieces and putting together a strong statement look. I do this on my fashion blog and racing fashion is a natural other avenue for me to be creative.

Outside of raceday fashion, do you like to dress up in your normal day-to-day life or is this an anomaly?

I have my own fashion blog I started last year during lockdown and have grown very quickly to collaborate with luxury brands and even become a brand ambassador. So in short - YES - I am always dressed up. I absolutely love creating fashion content and feel like I've finally found my true passion. Fashion is part of my identity, it is who I am and embracing this side of myself is very empowering for me. I am one of those people who even curates my activewear.

Check Tess out on the 'gram - @whattesswore

What do you do for a day job?

I run my own PR Agency focusing on beauty, fashion and lifestyle clients, plus I am now a fashion content creator working with brands. Add to that a single mother and I am pretty busy!

What’s one thing people might be surprised to learn about you?

I love karaoke. Also I can't sing. It's fun for my friends.

"I am always dressed up" says Tess

Where you get your fashions in the field inspiration from?

Popular culture. I am very much influenced by iconic characters from TV and film- in all of my styling. Also different eras - I love the 60's 70s and 80s. They all bring their own levels of glamour and excess.

Can you give us a hint about what you might be wearing for the regional final of The Ned Prix de Fashion?

I have absolutely been influenced by an era and a film. I also will be wearing my favourite colour.

Tess' 'Gucci Air' look

What has been your favourite raceday look that you’ve worn?

Definitely the Gucci Air look from this year. I love to play with high fashion but add my own creative twist. I used the offcuts of my Gucci Dress I had altered slightly and incorporated into the custom millinery.

Do you consider yourself a trend setter or follower?

Trend setter for sure. I am nearly 40. I am past following fashion. For me style is constantly evolving but I am now at an age where I feel confident in my choices and love to be playful and bold. I just do what I love and that's what makes me happy. Fashion should be self expression and a way to feel empowered in who you are,

The Milford Centre Fashion Stakes here at Ellerslie last season saw Tess took out one of the top spots

What advice would you give to people keen to start entering fashions in the field competitions but who aren’t quite sure where to start?

Just be you, be bold and playful and take risks.

To me, fashions in the field is…

A fun way to be fabulous, bold and empowered.

What’s one trend / colour you’ve seen in fashions in the field competitions this year (in New Zealand or Australia) that you’ve loved?

I am loving the veiled headpieces. Jesinta Franklin (left) wore one to a Sydney raceday the other week. I also love everything Kate Waterhouse (right) does - mixing high end designers with her signature twist. It's very fashion forward.


The Ned Prix de Fashion is New Zealand's national fashions in the field final. Pre-qualifiers have until Friday 27 May to enter.