Sasha Boyens | Meet The Ned Prix de Fashion Qualifiers

Sasha took out one of the four top spots in the Adashiko Fashion Qualifiers, Ellerslie's most recent virtual competition, which puts her in the running for The Ned Prix de Fashion. Keep reading to hear more about Sasha's FITF experience thus far...

Sasha is no stranger to the runway here at Ellerslie

How many times have you qualified for The Ned Prix de Fashion now?

This is my fourth time now. It is very exciting to be representing Ellerslie alongside some phenomenally stylish women.

How long have you been entering fashions in the field competitions?

5 years. My friends dared me to do it once and have been hooked ever since!

What do you enjoy most about fashions in the field competitions?

The best part is the creative process of curating an outfit. Sometimes I buy an outfit and customise it whereas others I like to make it from scratch. What I have

learnt is you don't have to spend an absolute fortune in order to have a competitive outfit. If you find a bag which is the right shape but not the right colour, spray paint it!

What has been your favourite raceday look that you’ve worn?

The velvet mustard dress which I wore to the Cambridge IRT Harness Jewels. I customised it by adding the bows and pearls on the front of the dress. I loved everything about this look, it had a very regal feel about it.

Sasha's favourite raceday look to date

The gutter guard paid off, with this ensemble giving Sasha one of the top spots in the Adashiko Fashion Qualifiers and meaning she has a chance in the national final that is The Ned Prix de Fashion

Do you have any stories to share as part of your lead-up to The Ned Prix de Fashion?

In the outfit I qualified in, I made the dress myself and customised it by adding a giant bow on the back.

I had made so many variations of the bow which I wasn't happy with.

I was on the brink of giving up on the bow altogether when a friend suggested I try gutter guard.

It turned out to be absolutely perfect!

What advice would you give to people keen to start entering fashions in the field competitions but who aren’t quite sure where to start?

Give it a go! I have made some wonderful friends through competing. Everyone's really inclusive and supportive. You will also find that everyone experiences the same nerves on stage. It is also a cool way to see NZ. With all of the various fashion competitions throughout the country, getting a group together and staying in an air bnb and getting ready together is all part of the fun!

Sasha (right) here at Ellerslie as a fashion finalist in the Newmarket Style Spotter at Jarden Melbourne Cup Day in 2020


The Ned Prix de Fashion is New Zealand's national fashions in the field final. Pre-qualifiers have until Friday 27 May to enter.