Samara Singh | Meet 'The Ned Prix de Fashion' Qualifiers

It's been a long road for one of our first qualifiers, Samara Singh, having qualified for The Ned Prix de Fashion at Riccarton Park Cup Week in November last year.

Today Samara joins us to answer a few questions as we begin the countdown to announcing the 2022 national fashions in the field winner.

The winning moment

We know this your first time qualifying, how does it feel!

Yes! It’s a surreal feeling, especially with little to no experience in fashion. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing support team and so thankful for all the sponsors who have made it possible for me to express my love for fashion and creativity.

My qualifying event at Riccarton was actually my fourth ever fashion in the fields competition. I had taken part in two at the Addington raceway and one other at Riccarton in 2020, but I feel like I have finally found my sense of style this year.

What do you enjoy most about fashions in the field competitions?

I don’t really get the chance to express my creative side as much as I used to, so fashion in the fields has been an incredible gateway for me and I absolutely love seeing everyone else all dressed up.

The people I have met through these competitions within the last few years are absolute angels and every single person has been so incredibly supportive.

The winning outfit

Where you get your fashions in the field inspiration from?

Even though I’m fairly new on the scene, I have learnt to embrace who I am and not be afraid of incorporating my culture into my outfits. When I first started I tried so hard to be adhere to current trends and gather inspiration from both New Zealand and Australian stylists, but I ended up looking like everyone else who was gathering inspiration from them too.

My Riccarton outfit was extremely special to me as it felt like my official debut. By incorporating a mix of who you are and studying previous entrants and current trends, you can create something so incredibly special.

What else do you do when your not competing in racewear competitions?

I’m actually a fulltime student, studying at the University of Canterbury. I do part time waitressing at a local restaurant and do a lot of casual agricultural contracting around Canterbury which I love.

I also love the outdoors! I find myself taking part in a variety of activities when I’m not studying such as horse riding, dancing, hunting and diving/fishing (none of which require a dress!).

Samara enjoying the outdoors

What advice would you give to people keen to start entering fashions in the field competitions but who aren’t quite sure where to start?

I can’t put into words the satisfaction of working so hard on an outfit and the pride it gives you when you walk down that runway, even if you don’t place it’s such an awesome feeling! I would especially encourage younger people to step out of their comfort zone and give it a go. Always go with your gut feeling, sometimes less is more but attention to detail is everything!

What’s a trend you’ve seen and loved in NZ or Australian fashions in the field competitions this year?

I’m seeing a lot of vintage dresses being adjusted and re-worn which I love! This seems to inspire a lot of creators to experiment with a variety of textures and fabrics that move rather than purely sticking to clean, straight silhouettes.


The Ned Prix de Fashion is New Zealand's national fashions in the field final. Pre-qualifiers have until Friday 27 May to enter.