Raceday nail tips from The Art of Nails & OPI

With spring racing all but here at Ellerslie, we got some hot tips from The Art of Nails' ambassador Robecca Leyden on how to get your nails looking on point & raceday ready.

With these expert tips, your nails will be raceday ready in an instant!

The at-home option

To get a flawless finish at home make sure nails are prepared well and don’t be lazy by missing a step.

  1. Lightly file and buff the nails if required. Gently push back cuticles Tip: doing this regularly while in a warm shower is a good opportunity to gradually, and safely, keep cuticles tidier.

  2. Cleanse with polish remover to erase any oils and dust before application.

  3. Apply two coats of colour and a top coat. My go-to top coat is the OPI Plumping Top Coat as it gives the most glossy shine and gel-like finish.

Pro tip: To take your home mani to the next level and maintain shine for longer, upgrade to the OPI Infinite Shine range which gives you up to 11 days of wear from a lacquer. It’s a three step system with Prime, colour (x2 coats) and Gloss and needs all three products to ensure the longer wear time. It dries faster than regular lacquer too!

The at-salon option

Remember these three choices when getting a salon manicure: Service, Salon and Safe Technique

  • Service: Firstly, choose the type of manicure that’s works for your lifestyle. Polish will generally last from 3-5 days. Longer lasting polish like OPI’s Infinite Shine will last up to 11 days if applied correctly and also gives you the freedom to remove quickly and easily. GelColor is designed to last for 14+ days and dries hard before you leave the salon.

  • Salon: When you first enter a salon, be aware of their hygiene. In general, if a salon looks tidy and clean from the forefront that’s a good start but if it’s not then finding somewhere else is your best option. Look for clean floors and work stations and don’t be afraid to ask about their tool sterilisation or take a glance around for evidence of sterilised metal tools being fetched fresh for each client. I look for attention to detail in the salon setup; as a salon that shows detail in their appearance are more likely to translate this across their services.

  • Safe Technique: The majority of nail services now involve a gel polish manicure so take note that when you are getting your gels removed and applied that it is done correctly as this is where damage is caused - not by products themselves. When removing gel polish it mustn’t be rushed. Gel polish is soaked safely after about 15-20 mins usually depending on the manufacturer. Scraping, drilling and forcing gel polish off the nail is bad practice that can cause damage to the nail plate. Buffing to break the seal before soaking gel polish is encouraged, but after soaking only a light touch is recommended. After your service do your bit to help maintain your manicure for longer. Never pick or pull off any nail product and use gloves when your hands are in water for prolonged periods of time or using chemicals. Use cuticle oil daily to hydrate and keep nails in good condition.

Pro tip: As a rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. If a salon is offering very low prices, there’s probably a reason they can offer these prices and it’s highly likely they’re compromising on service and the products they use. You wouldn’t make this compromise with your hair, so why make it with your nails?

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