Nicola May | Meet The Ned Prix de Fashion Qualifiers

In each of the three seasons she's been entering fashions in the field competitions, Nicola May has qualified for The Ned Prix de Fashion each time - not a bad achievement for a relative 'newbie' on the scene!

One of our regional finalists, today we chatted with this well-known Auckland nail technician about her journey to this year's national final.

Nicola on stage at Ellerslie as part of our Boxing Day Fashions in the Field competition in 2020 where she won the Best Millinery award.

How long have you been entering fashions in the field (FITF) competitions?

My first FITF competition was at Pukekohe Park in 2019 and I’ve been hooked ever since!

We've seen your name pop up a few times when it's time for The Ned Prix de Fashion to roll around - remind us, how many times have you qualified for national final?

This is actually my third year in a row qualifying for The Ned Prix de Fashion, which is something I am super proud of.

Based on your successes, you've developed quite the eye for a racewear look. What has been your favourite so far?

My entry for The Ned Prix de Fashion 2020. I was in the top 5 and am still obsessed with the look I put together. I wanted to stick with the classic black and white Derby Day theme and went for a full black outfit.

The favourite of Nicola's looks for her entries into The Ned Prix de Fashion (she also made top five!)

What's your favourite thing with regards to fashions in the field competitions?

I definitely enjoy meeting new people and the social aspect of the day, but getting to dress up and wear an outfit that I would never normally wear is my absolute favourite thing.

The millinery that I have made for my outfits and getting to wear a fabulous head piece is usually the most exciting part for me in regards to FITF as I would never wear something like them outside of the competitions.

Nicola snapped on a non-FITF day at the NZB Karaka Million here at Ellerslie

Outside of a day at the races, are you someone who likes to dress up day-today or do you save it for the track (or, virtual competitions..)?

You will find me in active wear or casual clothing during the week and I usually only put on makeup and get dressed up on the weekends.

What do you do for a day job?

I’m a nail technician at Blush Baby and run my own business from home. It’s my passion and I absolutely love it.

Just a taste of Nicola's talents as a nail technician

Where you get your inspo from for your fashions in the field outfits?

Most of my inspiration comes purely from scrolling and trawling through websites or from suggestions from fellow FITF contestants.

The outfit Nicola wore that saw her qualify for The Ned Prix de Fashion 2022

I love the friends I’ve made the past few years and have found the ladies super helpful sharing outfit ideas that may not work for them but they think may work for me.

Can you give us a hint as to what we can expect from you for your entry into The Ned Prix de Fashion 2022?

I’ve chosen a vintage piece and have incorporated borrowed and repurposed accessories to keep my outfit sustainable.


The Ned Prix de Fashion is New Zealand's national fashions in the field final and will see one of our regional finalists take home not only that coveted sash but a prize package worth in excess of $20,000 thanks to The Ned and the Victoria Racing Club.