Jockey Comments | Te Akau Gingernuts Salver

1st - Milford - Leith Innes - A real progressive staying type with a bright future.

2nd -Cheaperthandivorce - Vinnie Colgan - Really happy with the run. It's only her 3rd start. She's going to be star over ground.

3rd - Edge Of Wonder - Ryan Eliot - Didn't want to lead but he hung out the whole way and probably cost himself a couple of lengths.

4th - Mongolian Wings - Jonathan Parkes - A nice run. Just came to the end of it the last bit but going forward he will win some nice races.

5th - Swing The Tide - Trudy Thornton - It was a huge run. She just lacked a bit of room when we straightened, didn't get out until short of the post. She hit the line strongly. She's a tough filly and has a nice future.

6th - Ember Attack - Shaun McKay - He's gone really well. I had to get back from the draw and he's hit the line well.

7th - Astradeel - Kozzi Asano - Still a bit green so I let him settle last to let him watch what was going on and make sure he was comfortable. If we got a clear run in the straight we could have finished closer.

8th - Sir Beets - Craig Grylls - Had a nice run. Travelled into it nicely He just did'nt let down as good as I'd hoped. He changed legs a couple of times, might be feeling the ground a touch.

9th - Topkapi - Danielle Johnson - I thought she was a touch disappointing. They didn't go overly quick. I made my run at the 800m but they all quickened. She probably lacked a bit of ring craft.

Last - Maktastic - Sam Weatherley - They just went too slow for him.