Jockey Comments | KS Browne Hurdle

Here are comments from the jockeys in the KS Browne Hurdle.

1st - Arite Guru - Hamish McNeil - An absolute pleasure to ride. He loved every minute of it and we'll back for the Great Northern.

2nd - El Luchador - Barry Donoghue - He went a good race. The best race he's gone to date. He loves that wet track. He'll keep.

3rd -Magic Cannon - Emily Farr - A super run. We've been waiting for a wet track and we got it today. Maybe just peaked a bit on fitness.

4th - Tommyra - Reece Cole - Tried hard. Followed the favourite but he probably wasn't the one to follow. He's gone good though, really happy with him.

5th - Locharburn - Shaun Fannin - Just a bit heavy for him today. He'll be alright though.

6th - No Change -Shaun Phelan - An old horse who just needs a better track.

PU - El Disparo - James Sievwright - Just too soft for him today.

PU- Class Above - Dean Parker