Jockey Comments | Brighthill Farm Concorde Handicap

Here are comments from the jockeys in the Brighthill Hill Farm Concorde Handicap

1st - Babylon Berlin - Michael McNab

Got everything right on her today and she was really good.

2nd - Festivity - Kozzi Asano

I couldn't ask anymore from her. It was a brave effort.

3rd - Iconic Star - Matthew Cameron

Super run. Obviously racing out of grade but chased the first two.

4th - Dragon Leap - Craig Grylls

Great run. A bit below his best but he was working to the line nicely. A good fresh-up run.

4th - Romantic Lady - Sam Weatherley

Super run. Very proud of her. She's run extremely well from a wide draw. That's about her go.

6th - Familia - Bridget Grylls

She went really well. She tried hard but the field was too sharp today.

7th - Riding The Wave - Trudy Thornton

Went a huge race doing his best late.

8th - Gino Severini - Vinnie Colgan

Okay run with big weight.

9th - Markus Aurelius - Opie Bosson Run off his feet. To short for him.

10th - Short Fuse - Ashvin Goindasamy

Pace too quick. Couldn't keep up.

10th - Monaco - Jasmine Fawcett

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