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She’s a business owner and digital marketer, owner of Friday Candy and one of our ambassadors.

Somehow, despite her hectic schedule, Hannah Marinkovich also manages to ooze style, polish and effortless elegance.

We chat to her about her upcoming role this Saturday as a judge at Fashions in the Field 2020 as part of our SkyCity Boxing Day Races.


As a competition judge, what makes a winning look for you?

Every year the entrants look amazing and I’m always impressed.

This year, I think something that is truly unique will stand out for me.

I want to see something different, that shows ‘outside the box thinking’ and that someone made the effort to come up with a creative concept in their outfit.

Any tips for entrants in the new ‘Classic Lady’ Award?

I’m so thrilled that there is a new category as people have different styles, and this way they can both be acknowledged and celebrated!

If you are planning on entering this competition, definitely make sure you are dressing with a traditional racewear approach, so that means something classy that nods to traditional racewear.

Skirt lengths should be knee length or longer, with not too much shoulder showing - feature sleeves are a popular choice - and vintage style cuts would be great for this section.

As with any Fashion on the Field competition, every detail should always be thought out as part of the whole look.

What is the best way to pull the look together above the shoulders?

It’s really exciting that this year there will also be a prize for millinery and accessories.

We are lucky to have so many talented milliners in New Zealand, so I can’t wait to see what they come up with this time.

My best advice to entrants is to make sure that you don’t leave your millinery as an afterthought; it should be a big focus of your outfit.

At the moment I personally love rear sitting millinery and different takes on headbands, but the most important thing is it is worked into your outfit and not added on at the end.

The same rule applies with accessories. Use them to bring your outfit to the next level.

Tie in colours or metal tones, and make sure they’re all working together.

Don’t have a different colour earrings to the metal finishings on your handbag, for example.

What would you say to inspire a man to enter?

Do it; I want to see the men have fun!

For me, it’s really important that a suit must fit properly as a base to an outfit.

Entrants should remember that now is the time to have fun with accessories; they are what makes a man’s outfit pop.

And I’d like to see the men wearing a hat, because it is a race day after all!

Sometimes we see men incorporate other accessories, such as umbrellas, but these should only be part of the overall look if it makes sense (like if it’s raining).


This year's Fashions in the Field judges...

Hannah (right) with co-ambassador, Carena West

Hannah is sitting on the 2020 judging panel with:

  • Carena West (also pictured)| ARC Ambassador; winner of MYER Fashions on the Field 2019

  • Aleisha Mitchell | Two-time fashion in the field winner; winner of The Ned Prix de Fashion 2019

  • Sarah Stuart | Celebrity stylist, make-up artist and experienced FITF judge

  • Ronald Biddick | Owner, RJB Design


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