FASHION | How to master Fashions OFF the Field

Our latest fashion competition is looking a little different than usual, with fashion going OFF the field.

We thought it be best for those looking to strut their stuff down the virtual runway to get some tips from some of our judges; Hannah Marinkovich, Carena West and Bridgette O'Sullivan.

2 girls in racewear
Fashions off the Field judges and ARC ambassadors - Hannah Marinkovich and Carena West

You all have more experience than most of being in front of the camera. What advice do you have to ensure entrants have the best chance with their virtual entries? Is it all about the angles? The lighting? What details should they be focusing on?

Hannah: A good photo is so easy to take at home now with the technology we all carry in our pockets. There are a few things you can do to make sure your shot looks professional though...

Make sure you have natural lighting. This is why a lot of my Instagram feed is all outside - it’s the best light to work with. You don’t want to be taking it inside with artificial lighting as it can mess with the colours.

Secondly, find somewhere pretty and non distracting to shoot. You don’t want anything to be too distracting from your outfit. A cool wall or pretty street are perfect. I like to personally avoid too much greenery too.

In terms of yourself, relax and have fun with it! Be confident, showcase your outfit, ensure you have good posture and a smile never hurts. We will want to see every detail of your outfit too, so make sure it is full body.

Carena: Clear, straight photos in natural light are best for showing detail. If you think your outfit benefits from showing movement you can experiment with that too!

Detail shots of millinery and accessories will help as well. Plus, don’t forgot the back of your outfit if you feel that it will add to your entry.

Bridgette: Make sure you have a good camera person on hand – someone who’s happy to put in the time to get that perfect shot. If you wear it like a winner, the perfect shot should come easily!

Bridgette (centre) with daughter Georgia (left) and Julia-Rose Hayes (nee Ellis)

Can you tell us what kind of jewellery and other accessories are trending at the moment? What have you been loving?

Hannah: Vintage jewellery is having a comeback and I’m here for it. Big earrings are an absolute favourite of mine and are the perfect way to finish off an outfit.

When pairing jewellery with your outfit, make sure it works with the overall vibe.

Bring out accents of your outfit with it, for example if you have pearl buttons on your dress, wear a pair of big pearl earrings.

Carena: If you have fine details in your outfit and accessories, make sure you capture them in close-up shots so they aren’t lost in full length photos.

Ensure you are in daylight but not direct sun - shadows can change the shape and look of the outfit and accessories.

Same goes with darkness - the camera will struggle to get sharp detail when there isn’t enough light.


What sets someone apart from the crowd when everyone in the fashions in the field competition is immaculately dressed?

Hannah: The entrants always look amazing and I’m always impressed. I think something that is truly unique stands out for me. I want to see something different, that shows ‘outside the box thinking’ and that someone made the effort to come up with a creative concept in their outfit.

Bridgette: A winning outfit generally jumps out – it will have a little more X factor, fabulous attention to detail and the person wearing the outfit will look confident and comfortable in that style. Basically they just rock the outfit!


What's next?

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