Carena West: Deciphering the dress code for Whips n Spurs

Carena West (right) shares her tips on what to wear to Whips n Spurs

Racing has its own dress code which it quite different to any other occasion-wear style guide. While it may sound strict, there's actually a lot of fun to be had with it.

Our fashion ambassador Carena West is a regular at Ellerslie over the season and always seems to effortlessly nail the dress code.

With Whips n Spurs now just days away, complete with the first ever Whips n Spurs Spring Filly competition with a prize valued at over $1,100, you might be panicking about what to wear.

Luckily for you however, Carena has shared her insider tips on how to what to wear to Whips n Spurs so you not only meet the dress code requirements, but exude style while doing it.


Carena says...

Whips n Spurs suits a younger audience so the fashion follows the latest trends and sees lots of celebrity influences.

Girls - make sure you are still dressed with style and sophistication rather than racing to bare as much skin as possible. BUT you can definitely push the boundaries here so go with a fresh, sexy approach.

Guys - even though this event is more casual than standard raceday hospitality options, jeans are still to be left at home and a nice pair of well cut trousers are to be worn instead.

Check out a few ideas below...

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