Auckland Cup Week® fashion: The guy’s guide to pocket squares

You can’t go past a sharp suit at Auckland Cup Week®, but if you really want to up your style quotient - particularly if you're entering the Hawaiian Airlines Menswear Award on Vodafone Derby Day, then it's high time to add a pocket square to your attire.

While it might seem like a useless piece of fabric (you do NOT blow your nose or wipe your brow on this), whether you’ve donned a sports jacket, suit jacket or a blazer, rest assured, in less than five minutes a pocket square can take your look from ‘ho hum’ to ‘hey there’.

What to look for in a pocket square

Start simple. When it comes to fabric, there’s no need to pay a small fortune for a pocket square spun from angel’s hair, but do opt for natural fibres such as 100 percent linen or silk, which is ideal for the softer folds.

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If patterns and bright hues seem daunting, you can certainly start with a plain white pocket square; perfect with a black suit for a black-tie occasion.

However, investing in a variety of colours and patterns will update your suits and keep your look on trend.

For a colour-coordinated look, the key is to keep your pocket squares, ties and socks within the same tonal palette.

Why wear a pocket square?

Well, why not? It’s fantastic bang for your buck as it is the most cost effective – not to mention fastest – way to earn plenty of style points.

Just as changing your tie can change up the look of your suit, a pocket square adds a pop of colour to help expand your wardrobe.

Plus, a pocket square is a great way to express a bit of your personality and make you stand out from a crowd.


How to fold a pocket square

Don’t fret if you’re origami skills are more noob than ninja. We’ll walk you through two simple folds step-by-step...

The Presidential Fold The Presidential Fold is a classic, elegant look that is super simple to create and never goes out of style. It’s best worn for dressy occasions and looks great with a plain white pocket square for a black-tie occasion.

● Begin with the pocket square face down

● Fold in half from right to left

● Fold in half from left to right leaving a gap at the right side

● Fold in half from top to bottom

● Fold the bottom up and behind the front. Adjust to fit the size of your pocket

Two Tips Up Fold This fold suits any pocket square colour and pattern but is quirkier than the Presidential Fold and more fashionable than formal.

● Begin with the pocket square face down

● Fold the square diagonally down the middle, bringing one corner to the opposite corner

● Angle the fold slightly off-centre. It looks good with one tip slightly higher

● At the base of the triangle, fold the doubled-over corners inward from both sides as far as needed to make the base of the fold the width of your jacket pocket

● Tuck the flat bottom of the fold into your pocket until only the two triangular points are visible

And there you have it! You've got that big raceday fashion win in the pocket already!


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