A ride down memory lane: Paul Wilcox, ARC CEO

With our history spanning over 160 years, we thought it high time to ask a few (not so old!) friends of Auckland Racing Club (ARC) to recall their favourite memories of racing here at Ellerslie.

Today we chat to ARC CEO, Paul Wilcox, about his favourite memory.

Paul Wilcox showing off the new stables complex to some club members
Paul showing off the new stables complex to some club members

Says Paul...

My favourite memory would be returning to the 'Big E' after the track upgrade and stables build back in late 2018.

"Actually, I'd rate this as one of the most satisfying things in my professional career.

Being able to complete the job in a short timeframe and return to racing successfully, and on budget, was a massive result.

"Remembering the feeling of ticking off that first raceday back always brings a smile to my face.”

Auckland Racing Club's stabling complex
Our all-new stabling complex

Ed's note: One of the special parts about our stabling complex is that it is open to all raceday attendees - anyone can get up close and personal with the horses (provided you're on the public pathways, of course!). Make sure to check them out next time you're here at Ellerslie.


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