Vodafone New Zealand Derby: Jockey Comments

We spoke to jockeys competing in the Vodafone New Zealand Derby to get their comments on how the race went.

1st: Crown Prosecutor Craig Grylls

Got A good trip behind the leaders. He got out at the top of the straight and fought hard. A very good effort.

2nd: In A Twinkling Glen Boss

Ran well.

3rd: Platinum Invador Chris Johnson

Got a long way back and stormed home. Huge run.

4th: Arrogant Cameron Lammas

Worked hard from the start from there he's gone a bit keen. Very big run.

5th: Surely Sacred Vinnie Colgan

A funny run race. Got stuck in behind them and they kept going round. Top run.

6th: Bobby Dee Jonathan Riddell

Three wide round the first bend, I would have liked to have got in but he's a stayer and ran well for sixth.

7th: Tolemac Jake Bayliss

Drew the outside gate ended up in a good spot. Didn't go round a horse. Gallant run.

8th: Prise De Fer Opie Bosson

He didn't disgrace himself. He's probably six months away but he went a good race.

9th: Vernanme Jason Waddell

I'm not sure. Disappointing on face value but have to watch the replay to make an assessment.

10th: Cutadeel Matt Cameron

It wasn't bad. The wide draw didn't help but as it showed in his last start he isn't quite up to it just yet but in six months time, he'll be fine.

11th: The Chosen One Sam Spratt

He was never on the bit the whole race and was just getting pushed around the whole race.

12th: Swords Drawn Sam Collett

Got a beautiful run not far off the lead, probably 12 months away.

13th: Sir Nate Rosie Myers

Got a nice run but didn't see out the distance.

14th: Botti Trudy Thornton

Tough run. Tried hard.

15th: Sponge Bob Troy Harris

Ran into trouble down the back. He's battled on ok. Anything until now, he'll improve on.

16th: More Wonder Ryan Elliot

Missed the start from five. Got a nice run but ran into trouble around the corner and started to hang out.

17th: Nobu Pat Cosgrove

Got a little far back but didn't do anything really. Never was in the running.

Last: Lincoln Falls Johnathan Parkes

Had a awkward draw so to get across had to go forward. He's a bit brilliant to see out the distance, so going back to a mile would suit.