Christmas Carnival Boxing Day Races: Hallmark Stud Handicap Jockey comments

We spoke to jockeys competing in the Hallmark Stud Handicap on Christmas Carnival Boxing Day Races to get their comments on how the race went.

1st Indecision Leith Innes

It was a huge effort to do that under that big weight.

2nd Santa Monica Trudy Thornton

It was a very brave. She just wants the track a little firmer.

3rd Rocanto Mathew Cameron

It was a good run. He just found it tough to kick off that track. He has come up nicely this prep. He will go close next start.

4th Bella Gioia Samantha Collett

It was another honest run. They probably went just a little quick up front for her to be as effective in the finish.

5th Short Fuse Cameron Lammas

She went good. We just got bogged down in the track.

6th Power Dream Ryan Elliot (a)

She went okay.

Last She's A Thief Michael Coleman

She just didn't handle the track at all.


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