Barfoot & Thompson Auckland Cup Day: Bonecrusher New Zealand Stakes Stakes jockey comments

We spoke to jockeys competing in the Bonecrusher New Zealand Stakes on Barfoot & Thompson Auckland Cup Day to get their comments on how the race went.

1st Saint Emilion Leith Innes

He was travelling sweetly at the 1200m and I was confident turning in. To his credit though he had to dig deep.

2nd Darscape Princess Damian Browne

It was her first go at the trip. Once she learns what its all about she will be a serious racehorse.

3rd Authentic Paddy Trudy Thornton

It was a huge run. Great effort from the horse today.

4th Savvy Dreams Samantha Collett

It was a super run. We just found some traffic at the 600m but she found the line well.

5th Start Wondering Jonathan Parkes

He ran a nice race for his first go at 2000m. The run at Hawke's Bay may have just jarred him up a little bit though.

6th Nicoletta Opie Bosson

She just wants a bit of cut in the track.

7th Lizzie L'Amour Mathew Cameron

The Good 3 was probably just too firm. She got out and found the line okay but she wants a bit of cut in the ground.

8th Ronchi Sam Sprattt

It was a nice run. He probably wants the sting out of it to help him finish it off.

9th Beefeater Rosie Myers

I thought he would run home a little better. He was a little disappointing today.

Last Brighton Michael McNab

He stag leaped out of the gates and just pulled too hard.