Carena West: Deciphering the Vodafone Derby Day style code

Each day across Auckland Cup Week has its own specific style guide, with the first being black and white for Vodafone Derby Day this coming Saturday 3 March.

We asked our raceday fashion ambassador, Carena West, to give us some insight into the style theme and some ideas to help you nail it.

Keep reading to hear what she had to say...

"Vodafone Derby Day is always a crowd favourite due to the black and white theme, and it's always a blast seeing the creative ways that attendees work that into their outfits.

It is not uncommon to see black and white outfits with a splash of colour thrown in, with exquisite hats and headpieces, or experimental prints.

In the past there was a very popular trend for voluminous skirts and almost retro feeling outfits but I believe that this year we will see things turn a lot more fashion forward.

On Vodafone Derby Day, Viva Prix de Fashion is the stand-out competition in terms of fashion. The national fashions in the field final, it's where regional winners plus four 'wildcards' selected earlier in the day compete for the National title.

The great thing about this competition is that it's all about finding the country's best dressed at the races, so you don't actually need to be dressed in the traditional black & white style them, as last year's winner Hannah Carson (pictured at bottom) has demonstrated.

If you're planning to compete in the Hawaiian Airlines Fashion Qualifier for a spot in Viva Prix de Fashion, you will not be expected to wear black and white, but many contestants prefer to dress to the theme and it is quite often a contestant dressed in the theme that will progress to the finals given part of the judge's remit is to select people whose outfits are appropriate to the raceday."

Check out a few images below for inspiration too....

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Viva Prix de Fashion 2017 winner, Hannah Carson

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