Pakuranga Hunt Raceday: Jockey comments from beaten favourites

After each race, we spoke to jockeys of beaten favourites to hear their thoughts.

Race 1: Pakuranga Hunt Landowners Hurdle

Storming the Tower Shaun Phelan

He just blew out, his fitness will improve with the run.

Race 2: Lumbercorp NZ ltd Hurdle

Cruiseo Shaun Phelan

It was a top effort, we were just out sprinted in the end.

Race 3: Aircon Services ltd 1200

Kensington Michael McNab

His run was really good, he just struggled in the ground a bit. He's probably looking for 1400m.

Race 4: Bridges Insurance 1600

Megablast Michael Coleman


Race 5: John Prangley & John Kloosterman Memorial Steeplechase

Max Isaac Lupton


Race 6: The Shackler Aaron Kuru

It was a long time between runs but he also didn't handle the track.

Race 7: Magness Benrow Amateur Riders 2200

Savasava Bailey Rogerson (am)

The weight and track probably cost us today.

Race 8: Wise Men Say Isaac Lupton

He ran well. The improved track just helped Amanood Lad carry his weight a bit more than my horse.

Race 9: The Kipling Girl Michael Coleman

She just got tripped up by the track.