Mango Communications manage Ellerslie’s PR and oversee raceday media accreditation.  In order to capture a raceday as media, accreditation is required. To obtain this, please contact (in advance of a raceday):

Mango Communications

09 354 1315



Ellerslie has an extensive library of raceday and race images. Please direct any requests for images to the team at Mango who will be able to source these for you and outline any required permissions. 



There are a number of people involved with racing who may be of interest for interviews. For example: the Track Manager, Executive Chef, Commentator, jockeys, trainers, owners, breeders, milliners & designers, fashion entrants, judges & winners.  The team at Mango will help you find the best person for your story.


Some people on a raceday are more accessible than others. Ideally, interview requests will be put through the team at Mango in advance of a raceday in order to ensure you have the best possible chance of securing the person you’d like. As jockeys and trainers often have very tight timings on raceday, if you find yourself suddenly requiring an interview ‘on-the-day’, please liaise with the team from Mango who do their best to find someone for you. After a race, the winning jockey & trainer will often provide quotes to media in the Birdcage – though may only have a short period of time to do so.  Access into this area can be arranged by the team at Mango. On raceday, jockeys are not able to venture too far away from the Jockey Rooms and as such, options for interview locations may be limited.


Media Room

The Media Room is intended as a quiet space in which accredited media can work on a raceday. It has a fantastic view of the Parade Ring and provides easy access into the Birdcage.

The Media Box is located on Level 1 of the Ascot Stand.

Seating, power points and a television tuned into the racing channel are available on a first-in, first-served basis.



As a member of the media, it is your responsibility to ensure you have obtained permission from racegoers in order to publish their image / quote / footage in any form.



You are always welcome to contact the team at Mango about anything – whether before, on or after raceday. In addition, staff in the Raceday Office (Ground Floor, Ascot Stand) are also on-hand to help troubleshoot or answer your questions on raceday.


Race Footage

Historical race footage is available on request and ‘on-the-day’ race footage can be arranged to be sent through immediately following a race. Please put any requests through to the team at Mango – ideally at least three working days before footage is required.


Raceday | Race | Event Names

Ellerslie has a wonderful stable of sponsors who support them by purchasing naming rights to racedays, races and events throughout the season. Where possible, please correctly reference anything that has a sponsor associated with it and if in doubt, contact the team at Mango for clarification.


Reader Competitions

If you would like to offer your readers a raceday giveaway, get in touch with the team at Mango to discuss opportunities. Ellerslie will often work with their raceday sponsors to create fantastic ticketing and/or money-can’t-buy packages for your readers to win.


Last but not least!

Horses are valuable animals that can be unpredictable and prone to fright or flight. Racegoers and media are on course at their own risk.

To help minimise risk, please exercise caution when in the vicinity of horses and avoid loud noises or sudden movements; reduce the use of flash on cameras; ensure any cameras or equipment are well away from racetrack fences during races or fences surrounding the Back Parade Ring and Birdcage; keep a safe distance between yourself and the horses when in the same area as them.

Racedays provide a wealth of possible story opportunities and media are most welcome on course to capture them.

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